Radio Modem


High speed channel rates in excess of 19,200 bits per second
Selectable operating modes for transparent and packet data operation
Addressed communications for devices not directly addressable
The TS4000 is a high performance radio modem supporting over the air data rates up to 19,200 bits per second. Its advanced data processing architecture allows high data throughput even on narrow 12.5, 7.5 and 6.25 kHz channels.
The TS4000 incorporates a wide range of high performance radio modules which meet the stringent demands of both domestic and international regulatory agencies. Advanced features including address selective store-and-forward data repeating, multilevel packet management, remote system adjustment and network wide diagnostics makes the TS4000 the new benchmark for next generation radio modems.
Store-and-forward data repeating for wide area coverage
Two individually configurable data ports
Supports data activation (three wire) and RTS/CTS handshake protocols
Powerful network diagnostics for non-intrusive monitoring of all radio and data network functions
Built-in bit error rate (BER) monitoring
Configurable RF output power levels
Programmable receive sensitivity level (squelch) for use on noisy channels
Watertight case option for field work and marine installations
Clear Channel Scan – The TS4000 can be configured to automatically select the best channel for communication.
Automatic CW Station ID – The TS4000 can be configured to periodically transmit a Morse code station ID.